Innovatech membership-based trade association seeks to support, assist, and inform technology-based businesses on the industry. Increased globalisation has led to a need for an international body to bring together technology companies from all corners of the world.

Our Goals

  • To become a definitive resource for any technology related needs
  • Showcase the latest in technological developments, products, and services
  • Organise sector specific seminar, webinars, and events
  • Offer continued education and learning opportunities for members
  • Achieve smooth coordination among technology professionals within the industry
  • Conduct research with partner organisations


  • Build brand awareness using the listing, social media promo, and profile on Innovatech Website
  • Enhance personal profile with separate
  • Increase credibility via personalised display badge
  • Network with like-minded industry professionals with exclusive access to Innovatech’s webinars, seminars, and events.
  • Keep up to date with regular newsletters and access to membership only area of the Innovatech website.
  • Source partnerships and industry discounts
  • Be part of an organisation creating a global technology community

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